If this is your first time using our consultation service, or if you’re returning with a new baby care problem an Assessment Consultation will assist you to identify the cause and provide an effective plan that enables you to promote your baby’s health and contentment.

Assessment Consultation


This includes:

  • Comprehensive questionnaire*
  • 40-60 minute conversation via telephone, Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.
  • Written plan.
  • Consultant’s time = 1.5 - 2 hours.

What you do today can improve your baby’s tomorrow. Learn from our experts!

What you receive:

  • A thorough assessment of developmental, behavioral and physical causes.
  • A different perspective of the problem.
  • Enhanced understanding of your baby’s needs and ways of communicating.
  • Effective solutions based on proven child-centered methods.
  • The answers you need to set things right.


PLEASE NOTE:  Payment is made through PayPal at the time of booking. *If after reading your answers to the questionnaire we don’t believe we can help, the consultation will not progress and we will refund the fee paid in full.

The majority of our clients find the information and advice they receive during an Assessment Consultation is all they needed to resolve their baby care problem. Around 20 percent of clients choose to receive additional support. Should you require further support… its available! See our Support Options.

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Problems we can help solve!

Crying baby

  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Crying for unknown reasons
  • Extreme hunger
  • Extreme gassiness
  • Lactose overload
  • Milk intolerance
  • Reflux


  • Breast refusal
  • General feeding advice
  • Increasing lactation
  • Weaning


  • Bottle refusal
  • Bottle-feeding problems
  • General feeding advice


  • Poor growth
  • Overweight baby


  • Over tired baby
  • Sleep association problems
  • Body clock sleep problems


  • Feeding aversion
  • Starting solids
  • Refusing solids


  • Picky eater
  • Feeding problems
  • Sleeping problems


  • Tube weaning
  • Vomiting
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